Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Hello Magazine , Prestige Magazine and Vision Magazine Feature

Brilliant and noteworthy avant-garde designer and friend Marko Mitanovski is in the limelight! He debuted his collection in London a year ago and has made headlines since then. His design has also been worn by the much-publicized Lady Gaga herself. I  have been very fortunate and lucky to be given the chance to work with Marko, Nina and Issidora (the makeup and hair team) on countless occasions. I modeled for his 'Lady Macbeth' campaign, walked in his show at London Fashion Week and even dance in his gorgeous design for an unconventional fashion show during Stylo Fashion GP 2010. On top of that, I am very honored to be chosen by Marko to be his Muse. :)



Shot at Covent Garden in London.

I'm in the top image of the page.

That's me with hair horns in the first image. I was actually moving and dancing on the podium through out the show

Spotted at the top left image.

Far right, middle row of images - with blonde hair and pale white face. I walked solo in Nina and Issidora's Hair Show.

Fashion peeps you have to check this magazine out. It has amazing fashion spreads if you don't already know. I was flipping through the whole magazine at awe.

Finally, a recent photoshoot I did with Marko, Nina and Issidora in Malaysia at Studio Rom with talented photographer, Loh.

 Eliana on the left.

(Please click on the images for a larger view.)