Thursday, 18 February 2010

Repost: Halston Fall 2009 with exclusive behind the scene!

Last year on the first day of Chinese New Year in winter London, I was shooting this video look book for 2 days. This was shot at Pinewood Studio. It was freezing through out the shoot no doubt. :p It was nonetheless a great experience for me.

 I appear three times, once as the girl that swooshes around in a long metalic jacket, on the projected shadow on the wall and in a blue jumpsuit... It was inspiring just by looking at the work of the people behind this great production! ENJOY!

Check out the behind the scene footage:

and the final outcome:

Here are the images in the look book if you have not seen them:






Sunday, 14 February 2010


"Blood in French. "

Another wonderful collaboration with an amazing French photographer, Laurent S and a renown tatoo artist, Leon .This is the first time when I look at the images and I don't only see pictures  but I feel the movements, the memories and a  flowing story. I hope you all will too. A job well done to the whole team. Feel the images peeps!